feedback on new 3-page navigation (beta)


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  • PandoraSlicer

    I agree that it's nice to try out a new system, however it makes discord mobile harder to use and navigate. The keyboard doesn't go down so it takes half the screen because you used to be able to do anything and it would close but now it doesn't. The 3 sliding thing makes it take longer to do everything. I don't say this as hate but mearly a suggestion that they should remove it


    My opinion on this slider panels.

    It's cool looking and surely something new

    However, the panels take up too much space, and something about chat sliding away instead of the panels sliding over like the old UI feels odd.

    It also takes a lot more effort to slide it, sometimes it doesn't respond to you swipe, requiring much more conscious effort to swipe. The tabs bar on the bottom also pops up after a slight delay, feeling odd.

    Also, the new chat box, while modern looking, I wish we could move back to a single "+" button, I rarely take photos on discord, and having to press a ">" button then attach a pic, then tap on the chat box to get the send button takes a lot of time.

    I understand you have put effort into making this UI, but as of now, the old UI also still exists since this current beta/alpha has a 50/50 something chance of still seeing the old UI.

    So, discord, I hope you reconsider the layout of the tabs, maybe make it smaller like the old UI. If not, give us a option to choose between the old and new.
    Thank you.


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