Why I hear such a poor sound quality when I listen something from both by my bluetooth headphone?


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  • samerbn

    I am having the same issue. When I connect to a voice chat, the sound quality on my entire Mac drops. I suppose the issue is because there isn't a separation between the input and output. A solution I found is to change the input device to the built-in Microphone and keep the output on the headphones.

    The problem with this solution is that there's no longer mobility on the mic and that the sound quality of the Mac's mic is  nowhere near the headphones' quality. Also to note is that this does not seem to happen with other voice chat applications.

    Any chance our Discord experts can provide a more effective solution that does not require this split?

  • Kinou

    I have the same exact issue. Your workaround using the internal mic works but really not ideal as internal mics are not so good.

    I really have to say to say that the Discord Mac app is really shitty on many points.

    - This issue

    - Mic quality when using my Airpods is really poor (cristal clear on every other app)

    - My mac freezes every 2 secs when playing League Of Legends with Discord activated...


    That's a lot! Even more when everything works fine with every other audio chat app (Teams, Slack, Skype, Zoom, Teamspeak...)

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  • Shane

    Issue for me as well

  • Darth Vader

    Same issue for me as well. I used samerbn's solution to separate the mic input and headphone output but then the entire purpose of having an inbuilt mic is lost. If discord can come up with a better solution that can enable us to use the mic, I would be very happy to hear it as it is a major inconvenience

  • BkKnight91

    Having the same issue. When using my MPOW BlueTooth headphones, the audio sounds weird when on a discord call. If i don't use a headset and just use the mic and speakers through my laptop the audio is fine. 

  • Spaceboy


  • Luca!



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