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  • gh0stdan

    I mean why is white supremacy when its white on black, but ok when its black on white, its just not right. If a black person can call a white person racist names, but the white person tries to defend themselves in a non racist matter they would be called racist. This is a problem in actuality, why is it fair that a white person can be racist, but a black man cannot. Apparently this is considered white supremacy. 

  • uninvitedguest

    Glad I'm not the only one. The moment they turn Discord into another snowflake comfort zone by enforcing "political correctness" and such, we're going to ditch it the same way we ditched FB, Twitter and all of the other liberal social media platforms without second thought.

  • Scary-Larry


    Rene, I give you credit for speaking up – clearly, this company (and many other ones alike) are run by leadership cut from the same cloth of identity-politics. This organization isn’t fighting racism by judging others by the color of their skin (racism…obviously). Right before I delete my account here, I’ll let the real Civil Rights movement flush BLM, Discord, and the rest of the mob down the toilet together with this quote:


    “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  • G Money

    Cry more virgins, no one cares that a private company doesn't want to waste money hosting servers for you to be edgy and racist amongst your "friends".

  • japanesedude123

    FYI apparently you can get rid of the banner by doing ctrl + r or for mac cmd + r which will refresh discord allowing you to delete the banner. I agree on the fact that discord should not be a political platform its meant to be a platform for gamers and a means of communication that everyone can enjoy. BLM is meant to be a great movement but the leaders of the movement are way too extreme misrepresenting the whole premise of the movement.

  • SarahGabriella

    Racists flipping their shit. Leave and never return. Discord doesnt need you. Black peoples lives are not political. Go to a Trump rally or something. #AllBlackLivesMatter

  • Sidewinder

    blm is a hate group

  • Rene

    @SarahGabriella I do not believe that you are authorized to speak on behalf of Discord. You may not need me on this platform, but neither do I need you. But I am a paying customer. Are you?

    By the way, if you were living in my country, I could just sue you for the insulting accusation of being "racist" now because this is actual hatespeech. Not that I really care what you think, of course. But you know, the way you deal with the dissenting opinions of your fellow human beings somehow proves my original point.

  • Saint Pepsi

    alright its time for a redpill despite being about 13 percent of the population, black people commit over 50 percent of violent crime in the us alone. And though more white people have been killed by police than black people, yall still want to defund our police. When leftist protest its considered ok even though theres a pandemic raging all over the world, but when rightist protest we are told to stay inside because of the virus. Either all lives matter or no lives matter. Make up your mind, and if you hate america so much, leave.

  • Mario.

    I don't agree with a lot of the messages here but I'm still standing on my belief that discord should not be political in the slightest, games are used to escape the whole politics bullshit so if you want to say you're a gaming platform, stop with the pander politics. People just want a break.

  • DoomerCoomer

    The only way I have figured out, to remove this filth, is to turn on streaming mode.

    Streamer mode covers it up, so at least you don't have to see it.

    Kinda like shutting the lid on a toilet that won't flush.

    After awhile, it when i disabled streamer mode, it let me close the banner, effectively flushing the shit down the toilet

  • DM_Domination

    The article by Jason Citron that was linked on that irksome banner was full of banalities and uninformed nonsense and every single decent Human being that reads it sees it right away. 

    But do not take my word for it just do your own journalism, look past the screaming banshees of BLM and wonder where BLM were when the rioters where shooting black people in order to steal their things and set fire to their businesses and churches.

    Then canvas a winder opinion base on the topic, listen to Candice Owens, Larry Elder, David Web and many others. Actually listen to what these black people have to say and see if their arguments have factual merit as opposed to inflammatory shrill screeching nonsensical babble of the left.

    But however a person "feels" about emotive subjects and however that person regresses to a more ignorant state and conflates their personal level of offendedness into how right they are irrespective of  evidenced facts, the point here is that Discord is a service provider and nothing about this service entitles them to take and espouse a political view.

    And in fact its contrary to good business to insult a large portion of a user base.

    So in summary Discord needs to retract its statements and bias and just get on with doing what it exists to do, if individual members of staff wish to voice their ignorance they should do so as individuals using their own personal media and not corrupt that which they market to the public.

  • ADawg

    Take a look liberals. All of your comments are downvoted and all of the comments against Discord are upvoted.

    We are the MAJORITY

    Trump will win BIG in 2020

    Trump Darangement Syndrome will increase

    And I'm going to the next local Trump rally without a mask!

    Last one I went to had every type of person there.


    U S A

    U S A

    Get rekt betas!

    See you on the streets when you are throwing a temper tantrum!

    Look for the tall guy with biceps bigger than your brain!

  • Sigil

    This is some crazy shit when a software bug is interpreted as political. Anyways, I'm in the same boat. I agree with the BLM movement but I don't want to see it on the platform I go to get out of real life.

  • Delta MD88

    Yet another company giving into the media and making political statements on this.
    Why are you doing this Discord? Just let us use your platform and not have to see all this bull crap.

    Sure, you made some people happy. But you're also pissing off a lot more. I do not want to see this Black Lives Matter propaganda on my screen. Stay out of it as a company. I don't know what you're trying to achieve here...

  • busy rly slow.

    If you guys don't like it, take your bigot selves to a different app. Discord has thousands of users, I'm sure they'll be just fine without ya. 

  • R2COM

    Look at the downvoted comments of crying liberals lol

    And yes, I honestly was thinking about premium too but I will get back to a Teamspeak which to be honest is working just right. 

    By jumping on this hype wagon Discord shoots itself in a leg.

    You hate freedom of speech? fine, your impose your political (communist) believes on the product you selling me? - i am not buying your product.

    so continue crying liberals...this is the way you loose.

  • Worsin

    I've already cancelled my nitro over this and I am going to shut down my server next if it continues.  BLM is a violent Marxist organization that is forcing people to bow to their demands or face being cancelled or their business burned down.

    I will have no part of it.

  • [KeA]Camaxide

    To everyone that complain about the banner being stuck - it's just a bug, and not intentionally from the Discord team.

    All you need to do is to close down Discord (You have to also right click the discord-icon on the clock area of your task manager and close it properly through there) - then restart Discord and you will now be able to close the message with the x as intended. I see a lot of people got really cooked up by the message being stuck, and I agree that no blue banner should ever be stuck no matter the message - since the blue message on screen 2 indicates there are new messages for me to look at - and so it's a huge annoyance to not get it away - but again it was not intended by the Discord team to be stuck, merely a glitch that is solved when you properly close and restart Discord - so let's put down all the pitch forks and enjoy the excellence the program originally is :)

  • Rene

    The banner should not have been shown in the first place. Whether the bug was intentional or not is not important to me and many other people. Tech companies need to learn to be careful with their "virtue signalling". As for me, I will no longer pay for a company that openly endorses a violent political movement. That's all. No pitchforks involved.

  • R2COM

    Guys its really disgusting. I checked TeamSpeak, and couldn't find any BLM related thing on their website. I am moving *back* to teamspeak - PERIOD!

    Also, they are actually progressing fast with their new TeamSpeak5 which is currently in active beta. And one of the best things about teamspeak is that you can run your own server! 

    not sure how i transitioned to discord..i guess i was just going with that flow, but now im stopping completely. In few days i will not only not have nitro but will uninstall discord completely from all my devices.

  • Xivilai

    I am not an American. I do not want to see your propaganda bullshit.

  • CyndaquilDAC

    Also, the term "White Supremacy" is quite literally racist. It implies that everyone who is white is racist. Call it "Racist Supremacy" instead.

  • Juppie789

    Why stop at the BLM banner? Isn’t the environment also a pressing issue? There are endless amounts of concerns that need addressing. Please, more banners and links to how we can help in various fields. In fact, make the reads mandatory, finishing with a little quiz that dictates wether you’re fit to use the service or not. You can’t simply partake in recreational media without being reminded that he world is hurting. That’s a privileged sentiment analogous to medieval lords hiding behind stone walls.

  • Rene

    @Juppie789 yeah, that's actually a good idea! And if Discord is clever, they make a business model out of it so that I, as a privileged first world white male can pay a ransom and be free of such disturbances. meanwhile you and your disadvantaged leftist friends can take the tests and become better comrads. Oh how good white supremacy can feel!

  • Vendetta

    I support the black/African community, always have, always will. That said, BLM is a racist hate group. White guilt is shameful, and the fact that Discord is shoving their politics down their users throats is infuriating. This and other attacks on Caucasian people and their culture is disgusting. Wake up people, the 99%+ of people aren't racist, it's the psychopath elite who are trying to divide and conquer and you're falling right into their trap. Regardless of colour, race, religion, gender, STAND TOGETHER and fight the hate against ALL humans.

  • Tylér

    Here's my issue with the banner; the points you addressed in your banner can be seen as political and more than likely are politically driven one way or another yet your main motto (that is still on discord's front page) is the following: 

    "We built Discord to bring gamers together"

    Now how do you plan to continue doing that when make pushes to fulfill a political agenda? Not everyone is a liberal and not everyone is a republican, lots of people fall in the middle, and lots of people use video games as an escape from real life drama. But how can they do that  when they log in to Discord and see a banner about BLM and white supremacy? 

  • Cerval

    Another fair weather company only following the $$$. WHERE WAS YOUR UNDYING SUPPORT OF HONG KONG?!?!?!? Stfu with this stuff and quit being so transparent.

  • Ultair

    Just cancelled my Nitro sub. I've been with Discord since the start and encouraged others to swap over the years. Never thought I'd see the day when discord would plaster political propaganda in everyone's faces but they really dropped the ball.

  • bepe



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