Randomly getting kicked out of calls.


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  • nani

    Im getting kicked multiple times on my android phone as well, super annoying. Sometimes the other person whos on IOS gets kicked too.

  • Tori Sparkles

    This is a serious issue for me as well. I will get kicked out of call for no reason. It gets annoying because they'll be streaming a game and I get kicked. Not only do I get kicked, I have to restart my entire device just for discord to work.

  • JustaPotato

    I thought iOS wouldn't have this problems but same as me too, I would be in call with my boyfriend and we tend to be in call for a very long time and sometimes we tend to fall asleep together and when I wake up I would say something to him for a few minutes but I hear no response, but then I looked at my phone screen I realised that I got kicked out of the call for no reason and sometimes when I reopen the app they asked me to login again. Back then this doesn't happen usually only a few times here or there but now it happens frequently and I would say that every call that I'm in while I'm on my phone I would get kicked out of the call for no reason.

  • LivingRellik

    This kinda happens to me, I have a Clan in CoD: Mobile and when we Discord call for Scrims and just normal games I get randomly kicked about a minute into the game. I have an Android phone and it started happening about 3 months ago. (idk what update)

  • Leo.

    This happend more frequently like evry 5 hours i get kicked and sometimes discord just crashes pleaee fix this

  • shi

    this should fix that for android users: https://youtu.be/QVRZN20lG0w

  • Cheese

    I've got the same problem as everyone here and it's getting really annoying.

  • Quinten.

    Same issue i get kicked randomly its like it refreshes itself and then i have to reconnect very annoying

  • ×♕

    This happens to me too, my boyfriend and I will try and sleep on vcs together as often as we can, but it often kicks me from my phone. but on his tablet it works fine.

  • Hope

    this happens to me as well, on my new google pixel. it never did this on my iphone, but ever since i switched, my calls will disconnect for no reason and its extremely annoying. i often sleep on call with my girlfriend and it sucks to be disconnected when i wake up.. if theres anyway to fix this, please do. 

  • $‽ Sleepy x Gigi

    I'm still having the same problem.

  • Mrs. Ok

    I'm on pc and I usually like to sleep on call with my boyfriend but I keep getting kicked out of it for no reason? its always around the same time too. usually at 7 am when I'm asleep so I can't quickly join back before he gets kicked out. servers don't work either because I just get kicked out of those too. I have no problem on my phone though

  • Alan Maldonado

    My friend got kicked from a VC and it didn't show up in the audit logs and we're really confused

  • peepy

    Same issue as everyone here: kicked from calls for no reason. This only happens on my Samsung phone, not on desktop or web


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