Popout webcam/screenshare so you can have them on different screens


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  • JulyTheNeon

    i imagine its not as useful for people with one monitor...but for people like me who have 3 this is just handy as crud ^-^

  • Protostar

    even with one its useful because you can pop them out and make custom sized windows!

  • devind407


    absolutely phenomenal

  • ninbura

    I was just about to post this same thing, would be an awesome feature.

  • Rowan From Playtech

    This would be incredibly useful for my work and for hobbies. 

  • Kaîrøs

    It would be so usefull !!

  • dangerbeard

    This would be a huge blessing for streamers, most of which who use discord video chat to have guests on their streams, as it would massively streamline the currently laborious task of:

    * pop out video call

    * create a new window capture source for guest 1

    * crop the source to fit just the participant video

    * repeat infinity times depending on number of guests, and if any one of them leaves the chat, go back and re-crop every single source because all the participants have now shifted position inside the discord window

    Having a unique application window per video chat participant bypasses this entire manual process and gives streamers one less issue to have to manage whilst live.

  • coopr

    Discord used to function this way. Please bring this back. Separating cameras from streams/screen shares is absolutely vital.

  • Oneshot

    Add support to have caller 1 see my camera A, and caller 2 my camera B. Individual callers could actually see you looking at them. 
    It would become feasible have multiple remote people join a physical meeting table, the screens placed where they would sit.

  • ninbura

    This has become even more relevant in the age of Discord Activities. These are also lumped into the same grid / view as cameras and screenshare. Hard to play Chess in the Park while watching someone's stream.

    1. You should be able to pop-out any individual stream (camera/screenshare/activites/etc).
    2. You should be able to combine 2 or more streams into a single window.

    Really the only way to solve the problem.


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