Add Embed Hidden Fields


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  • Zendrex

    This is unrealistic because as a user, you could simply extract the hidden fields from the embed object since the entire embed is sent in the packet to each user. If you are wanting to "save" data for later usage on the bot end, simply send the embed message, return the message object that was sent, and save the message ID with whatever "hidden" data you want. From there you can pull the message ID whenever you please with whatever saved data you attached to it.

  • Hinome

    Hi Vioshim,


    Pretty good idea on the whole. But I don't upvote it for these reason:

        - You can use (for example) the footer (for an ID for example).

        - You can use our database instead of use the message (who can be deleted).


    Can hide some data is good but after, I think, a message need to be read by all and not just for bot.

    But you can use your cache (of your VPS or other), the alone problem it's: if the bot reload all is deleted.





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