MEmu Play Android Emulator Crashes when Going Live with Discord


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  • Nice Hamada

    Discord actually ignored you xd

  • Danku

    can this PLEASE be fixed? it's really annoying. Discord do something!

  • Fapy

    Discord do something! Please :3

  • Not Lunaris

    Bump for visibility. Was very disappointed to encounter this problem today despite the Memu team reaching out and identifying the solution to this issue with Discord, half a year ago.

  • TwanSolo

    Wow! Memu spelled it our for you guys and you still haven't fixed it after 7 months?  What's going on here?

  • James Bong

    run as a admin and its fixed

    edit: i like how somebody dislikes and then at the bottom i see that doesnt work. for me atleast it works thats why i said "RUN AS A ADMIN" dont have to be hatefull about if it works for me. dont know what problems you have on/in your pc to not work as (admin run) this just on u

    found a comment on "reddit" run as a admin. perfectly worked thats why i typed here


  • Johnny(JRyako)

    Discord, pls! fix this...

  • narend np

    Bumping this

  • Nian

    Discord please fix this!

  • civbag

    What I tried:
    1. Use DirectX: not working
    2. Run as administrator: not working

    What's working is sharing the entire screen but there will be no sound

    Discord do something! it's been 9 months

  • Psychkol

    Discord pls fix, I want to stream my Memu on Discord so I can show my friends all of my gacha addiction please!!!!! I'm begging you Discord gods to let me show my waifus to the world............. 

    Can't run as admin either

    P.S. anyone is reading this pls remember to login and upvote this thread for more visibility to discord

  • Alexpalas

    Bumping thread, Discord pls fix!

  • Sylphy

    Cmon Discord, do better, fix it already


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