Android tablet support


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  • Suspense

    That can't be really possible, each version has a different UI due to the OS its on, and as a tablet user myself I find the UI pretty cool, without a need to be remade, again.

  • Oppa Is Here

    Please reduce the number of swiping actions for tablet users. They are quite annoying. Especially  during calls. Spotify has done a really good job redesigning their UI for tablet users! Please do the same!

  • dood shut up kanan mine

    Everytime I want to call I have to use discord app version because the web browser is stuck at 'RTC Connecting or something' and its a pretty big hassle to use this on chromebooks. I also have an android tablet and same goes for that too.

    Please fix this.

  • Suspense

    Contact for that. This is the feedback site, not a support place


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