[Feature Suggestion] - Multiple Pop-Out windows for each video/screen share participant


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  • Sir Finrod Banks of Westerwald

    I also really need this. Tthis is the current situation for streamers: In order to get the video feeds of particular video participants, one needs to capture the same Discord window several times and then crop it to the size of that video.

    - If someone else joins the call or drops out, the layout is broken or it might get reordered.
    - You are always limited in the video size by however Discord decides to partition the screen.

    By allowing individual/separate window pop-outs for any number of video participants:

    - One can reduce the hassle of cropping and just copy a 'window capture' or change the source of a 'window capture'
    - One can increase the size of the individual video feeds
    - One will have a designated window for each participant, even if they momentarily deactivate their camera
    - No messy changes because someone leaves or joins the call

  • Jakeery

    Has there been any updates to this?

    Been wanting to use Discord because it works for everything else but this one particular issue is why we aren't using it on our Pathfinder Actual Plays streams

  • addmitt

    We need someone with some Twitter clout to signal boost this / holler at Discord :\

  • Jakeery

    If only that were us. We (Dragon Punch Squad Podcast) are making great strides but nothing close to having something that big lol

  • StormyIceLeopard

    This needs implementation.

  • HoagieBoiTheLong

    This is a great idea! Sadly it will likely die in here.

  • GrüneNeun

    Great idea.

  • Apahdos

    I'd love this feature aswell. Would make group calls far more flexible. I also plan to buy an ultrawide screen. This way the calls could be rearranged to the left and right of the game. As I often chat with around 4-5 people this would be perfekt. Basically is the only feature I am missing atm.


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