I tried Discord


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  • kranth

     Not all groups are made equal, but they are all free. What you have experienced is something that I wouldn't like to experience myself, but at least, what I am grateful for with Discord is the fact that anyone can create their own group which then gives you the option to either create yours or join some others.
     Indeed, I have joined some groups that are like that, some were more rigged than that, they even ask you for you ID and selfie to verify before you enter, but you are never forced by Discord or by anyone else to join that group. You can always find groups that fit your goal, beliefs, taste and so on.
     I have been banned from 40-50 servers in general, to be frank, lol, but after all, I can join whatever group I want and being banned from 40-50 servers is no longer an issue.
     At least, that's what I feel about Discord after using it for 4 years I think, and I don't oppose to any of your opinion, I am just sharing mine with you!


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