Ban System


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  • TheCuriousCatPerson

    You can already temporarily ban people by either using a bot to tempban them or just banning them then after a certain period of time you can manually unban the user

    Also, banning someone for dming someone is stupid. I hate strict and useless rules

  • A380 go brrrrr

    I got banned from my favorite server for a misunderstanding, and he unbanned me and I still can't join back into the server, it always says I am still banned. Any ideas how to fix this? This also happened when I banned someone from my server and unbanned them, but it still says it's banned on their side.

  • dealerpodz

    I got banned on my friends server, we do it as jokes but for some reason when he unbanned me, its still doesnt let me in. Any idea on how to fix this? Or did i just get perma banned?


  • A380 go brrrrr

    It's IP. If you have any alts in there tell him to unban those as well. Try using a new invite after.


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