Its 2020 but voice calling on mobile is still overheating


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  • Io’s Armor Design

    Same for me fam all the time even with just the app open and my phone is a brand new iPhone 7 this needs to be fixed I’ve tried other phones same problem but only really on IOS

  • Noted

    Mine already fixed on Android 10. It is because the Krisp Noise Cancellation that time.

  • Volt

    I know how to fix it I had this problem for 5 months but I know the solution so basically discord automatically puts noise reduction or noise suppression on, you have to turn it off in settings then voice and then turn off noise suppression and noise reduction and you can feel your phone is not getting hot anymore I figured out this solution today and what noise suppression/reduction does is that discord is forced to use the highest frequency to track your background sound and it takes a lot of battery and it overheats if you have discord on phone while calling so if you turn it off it will be cool


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