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  • haloween

    4 minutes ago and -5 downvotes already lmao the downvote count on this one is gonna speak for itself. crypto is a scammy money laundering scheme that's awful for the planet. 99% of people don't want it anywhere near discord

  • Shardain

    Crypto, and by extension, NFTs are unsustainable by design. It's a manufactured scarcity scam that demands more energy spent to get anywhere with it and functions like a pyramid scheme to create any perceived value.

    Also, it's primarily used for money laundering and art theft, and the "benefits" to artists simply do not exist as artists rarely see a single cent from their work (or specifically the token attached to their work) and there is no verification that the user minting an NFT is the rightful owner of the image in the first place. People are literally out here selling NFTs to themselves at obscene prices to make them appear valuable, when no money is exchanging hands. 

    Also, a more in-depth read:

  • snail

    Ah yes a future of literally just locking money into unusable assets and furthering wealth disparity, while also microwaving the planet even more. crypto bros are a goddamn plague lol


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