Glad to see discord adopting web3


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  • Asherah

    It's fine if you down vote, but can you also post why you feel that way?

  • Glaug-Eldare

    Get your hideous monkey #2,647,521 away from us

  • Asherah


  • Moon Marshmallow

    the reason people dont like NFTs is the huge and avoidable ecological impact they are having on the planet. the power demands from crypto/NFTs is so huge, defunct power plants are now being used to mine crypto, that much should give you an idea of how big the energy cost of crypto is. not to mention they've caused an insane price hike on GPUs such that its impossible to get any at MSRP anymore.

    that, Asherah, is only few of the many reasons why people dont like crypto and disliked your comment


    literally just check newegg for any GPUs

  • misha

    There is no benefit to NFTs. If they were worth anything, you'd see actually nice art being sold, rather than hideous gorilla icons. It's essentially a receipt, even if it is on the blockchain, because the image isn't even on the blockchain--just the record of it is.

  • loyal

    NFTs and crypto are the worst idea. It's basically just a scam that destroys the environment. I cancelled Nitro and if they continue, I won't be using discord at all.


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