Keep calm, this is a loud minority attacking you for NFT implementation. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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  • dudie

    Incorrect, seems you're in the echo chamber. People are rallying from many different platforms, not just lil old reddit where you seem to get all your information. The sentiment is wide across the gaming community, that's why it's picking up pace so easily.

    Someone "keeping the lights on while they sleep" is nowhere near the equivalent of the creation of a single NFT signature, and your other examples have been disproven ages ago. Do better research.

    And what is this "betterment of all" who are you benefitting? Artists? They don't want NFTs sinking money, they want commissions. Maybe criminals? It's excellent for money-laundering, almost like it was made for it. Personally, I won't support a platform that doesn't care about the environment. In this current climate, it is not a good look for anybody, not even you.

  • HexagonalAxolotl

    You have no idea how many people are angry over this. Discord will not see a single cent as long as they’re interested in NFTs and crypto


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