Voice/Video call Layout


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  • Nova

    Please I am begging you to remove this. I have 2 ultra wides and Everything is so small. I even tried the web app and the same thing. DISCORD REMOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • japko

    I freaking hate this new look, it's the worst change I have ever seen on discord. Please remove it or at least let us change it back!

  • zdepapepa

    I am one of the people who has this update and it is terrible. Backwards update that would probably be useful for 4:3 screens but I have a wider one so instead I have black bars and smaller video than before.

    I'd welcome an option to toggle it back.

    There is also the problem of wanting to focus a video feed from the bottom and instead there is a mouse-over button "Hide Members" over one of those video feeds. I have clicked it already a few times accidentaly.

  • Shiina

    its so bad please dont add this

  • SuperCoolNinja

    Displaying callers horizontally would've been fine if there was a toggle to show/hide them. We all would've been okay with it if there was at least a way to resize the unfocused callers. This is the worst update I've ever seen on Discord. Please undo it.

  • brian

    This is easily the worst change discord has ever made. I used to get basically a fullscreen video when viewing someones shared screen, now there is an insane amount of space wasted on both sides of the video. Revert this change asap or give us the *option* of using the old view, I don't understand why the developers on this platform are incapable of providing toggles for new "features" that are really just downgrades to the platform.

  • PrestoSquesto

    I think the best way to go about this is for Discord to add an option in settings that allow you to change the position of the show/hide users. This would be nice for those who do like the new change and for those who want the old.

  • nyamhk.mp4

    I hate this so much, I have no idea why they thought it was a good idea in the first place. This can only work for vertical displays and most people won't have those. At least give us the option to change it back Discord, seriously. It is extremely annoying and uncomfortable to use

  • NeverS0ft

    This is very annoying, need to have an option to move where member list is if this is planned to be implemented as most users prefer a side bar probably.

    Members on the side in focused mode was way more practical and better looking for regular monitors.

  • Marzzombie

    I am one of these people that now have this update. It sucks, I don't like it. This is coming from someone who has studied UX/UI design. The added negative space is useless, the new ui is now unfamiliar and has zero practical benefit over the previous version.

  • zbs

    This seems pretty nonsensical. Why would you add so much negative space? Please revert back to the previous design where the space was efficiently used.

  • Raven Fangsk

    I use discord vc to help people who are writing programs. This new update makes it harder for me to read the code, and as I'm interacting with people who may use sign language it's not like I can really just hide members

    This is bad from an accessibility stand point, please revert it.

  • ILikeShapes🌈

    Even if you can't make it an option to return to the vertical sidebar of participants, at least make it possible to scroll along the participant icons like it was with the vertical list. Or better still, as Presto says above, make it a choice available to each user individually. 

  • Thunnsar

    This update made the stream & my friend's video sizes so much smaller. I can't see their facial expressions anymore, and the stream is about as big as an iPad, despite my 27 inch monitor. Please please please change it back. I miss seeing my girlfriend's face when we watch streams together. 

  • Iggy Flameno

    hello, i still have this problem. change it back please.


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