Nitro for Mobile Completato
2469 voti 82 commenti
Mobile custom rolecolors Completato
1838 voti 121 commenti
Add custom emoji on IOS/Android Completato
1120 voti 13 commenti
Audit logs on mobile Completato
1078 voti 12 commenti
change font size mobile app Completato
1048 voti 36 commenti
Emoji Picker for mobile Completato
818 voti 2 commenti
Add GIF picker to mobile. Completato
417 voti 52 commenti
Emotes in the newest version Completato
292 voti 57 commenti
Kick/Ban Reasons on Mobile Completato
252 voti 2 commenti
Change “Jump to Chat” to “Jump to Message” Completato
251 voti 35 commenti
IOS speaker only Completato
205 voti 124 commenti
callkit option for ios Completato
196 voti 64 commenti
In-app video player Completato
164 voti 7 commenti
Discord notification for voice chat Completato
146 voti 16 commenti
Emote Button for iOS Completato
142 voti 1 commento
Custom Status for Mobile Users Completato
116 voti 14 commenti
Pay Discord Nitro with Google Play / App Store Balance Completato
91 voti 54 commenti
Make nitro mobile friendly. Completato
88 voti 2 commenti
Please make it harder to delete individual posts on mobile Completato
84 voti 14 commenti
An option to toggle the dragging and dropping of server lists Completato
83 voti 14 commenti
Disable image compression Completato
75 voti 17 commenti
Add server “mark as read” feature Completato
68 voti 12 commenti
Viewing ban reasons on mobile Completato
63 voti 4 commenti
Android Chat Bubbles Completato
63 voti 10 commenti
Watching PC games stream on mobile Completato
59 voti 8 commenti
Discord Accessibility For Blind Users: Opening The Bags Completato
56 voti 10 commenti
Accessibility roleback for Android Completato
31 voti 3 commenti
In app notifications while watching Go Live streams Completato
18 voti 2 commenti
Tag Notification Red Thing Completato
16 voti 1 commento
Make it possible for you to move channels on mobile. Completato
11 voti 0 commenti