Mobile profile picture sizing
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Android Embed Copy-Cooldown for the fields
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Keep Discord mobile from hogging the audio stream.
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Use Account Credit on Android Mobile app
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Add button push to talk outside discord app for mobile version
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Push to Talk on Overlay
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Better UX for non-technical users
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Discord 16.3 chat panel. ( Chat paneli)
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Andorid app 2FA input field prevents paste from password manager
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Streaming your screen on iOS and Android
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Make `text` and ```text``` show properly how it shows on PC app.
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Add Discord Connection to Huawei Game Suite
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Discord not working on my phone!!!
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Ter a opção "atividade de jogos" na versão mobile
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Permanently permanent invites
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Quero colocar status pelo celular
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Exit image navigation geasture on Android
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discord suggestions (mobile)
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Option to Disable Automatic Scrolling to Newest Message on Mobile
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I want to verify my account with phone number but I don't receive the message
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Problem with ios notifications
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Black screen during voice calls
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Screen Sharing for Mobile (iPadOS, iOS & possibly Android)
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Set a custom image as the background theme for Discord on Mobile.
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Suggestion: show different icons for dnd/idle on mobile users
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Offline viewing!
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