Cant look at my own "video"
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Stage Channels Video Chat and Screen Sharing
534 voti 146 commenti
Discord gives me 5000ms ping
75 voti 135 commenti
Hide self view in video call
314 voti 86 commenti
Flip or rotate video
91 voti 61 commenti
Option to stop Krisp Noise suppression turning off automatically
46 voti 59 commenti
Option to hide your own stream window Completato
131 voti 55 commenti
Don't default the custom status to "Chilling tbh" when joining a voice channel
103 voti 52 commenti
I keep Disconnecting from calls and reconnect
25 voti 48 commenti
Crashing upon joining voice channels
41 voti 47 commenti
KRISP For Linux
96 voti 44 commenti
Voice Message
2 voti 42 commenti
Stream not loading
9 voti 36 commenti
Video capture broken with latest Discord update and Canon Webcam software
3 voti 35 commenti
Controller specific Keybinds
140 voti 33 commenti
Hardware Mute Switch notification
33 voti 33 commenti
Allow Discord volume to be increased beyond what's currently possible.
259 voti 33 commenti
Discord on macOS stuck on RTC Connecting and crashing
17 voti 32 commenti
Hide Screen Sharing and Voice Chat Activity when Invisible
87 voti 31 commenti
Screen sharing issues on wayland
130 voti 31 commenti
Enable a keybind for turning Camera on/ off in discord
176 voti 31 commenti
Focusrite mics buzz/crackle
27 voti 30 commenti
discord in uae
6 voti 28 commenti
communication mode
51 voti 27 commenti
Pop out/view multiple video streams at once
142 voti 27 commenti
Create a group conference
71 voti 24 commenti
Calls won't ring or make sounds for others.
14 voti 24 commenti
Discord mic doesn't work after whatsapp
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