Linux - Screen Share Sound Support
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Stage Channels Video Chat and Screen Sharing
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Hide self view in video call
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Allow Discord volume to be increased beyond what's currently possible.
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Popout webcam/screenshare so you can have them on different screens
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Enable a keybind for turning Camera on/ off in discord
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Voice note option Completato
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Controller specific Keybinds
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Pop out/view multiple video streams at once
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Option to hide your own stream window Completato
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Screen sharing issues on wayland
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A feature request: Screen-sharing in stage channels
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KRISP for M1 Mac!!
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More Screen Sharing
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KRISP For Linux
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please keep custom sound packs
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Flip or rotate video
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Screen sharing for stage moderators
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Hide Screen Sharing and Voice Chat Activity when Invisible
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Share Multiple Screens(Monitors) or Applications Simultaneously
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Discord gives me 5000ms ping
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Please revert the newest UI update
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Create a group conference
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Discord Stage Channel Screen Sharing
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Don't default the custom status to "Chilling tbh" when joining a voice channel
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Screenshare ruined
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Raise hand/ I have something to say button.
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Please revert the screenshare UI back
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Option to stop Clyde from auto disconnecting in private calls
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