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  • DJextinct ha commentato,

    Yeah been doing that for ages reason why suggested it to be a feature so it is cooler and easier to see what the catergory falls under and they can tag the catergory instead of the role as well, ju...

  • DJextinct ha creato un post,

    Role spacing

    Be able to have role spacing on roles, for example categories, at the top you can put staff roles and then move roles into that catergory, meaning if you look at roles on a user at the top it will ...

  • DJextinct ha creato un post,

    remove custom statuses containing links

    The point of some moderation bots is to remove discord links being posted in chat but with these new custom statuses people can bypass that by putting their discords in their custom status so for s...

  • DJextinct ha creato un post,

    be able to resize profile gifs

    As you can resize normal files like png etc be able to resize gifs for your profile! This will be handy for the gifs that cut of the writing.

  • DJextinct ha creato un post,

    Folder notifications

    I think being able to have notification settings for folders will be useful instead of going through 20+ servers in a folder to change the notifications or to mute the server, because i have a lot ...

  • DJextinct ha commentato,

    It would also be cool if you hover over it , it shows how many gifts you have given out, or it displays the number in the top corner of the badge.