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  • BritKig ha creato un post,

    Server or role-level setting: "compact" member listing

    A server or role-level setting that allows the collapsing of the display of some or all users listed in the right-side of the client based on a customisation criteria. This will allow more users to...

  • BritKig ha creato un post,

    "Hearbeat" (bot) account

    Some guilds use external services or on-site servers (i.e. game servers) as part of their group. How about a bot account "type" that doesn't respond to anything nor can't be DM'd either that can be...

  • BritKig ha creato un post,

    Strikeout usernames if they are no longer in a given server.

    Telling the difference between former members and members without any role (other than @everyone) is difficult, why not add a way to indicate when a user is no longer in a server? Such as displayin...