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  • Abelardo ha creato un post,

    Bad translation

    Hondy!Your sentence: «Discord's official birthday is May 13, 2015» is being bad translated into Spanish. According to the current Spanish translation, it says: “La fecha de nuestro cumpleaños es…”“...

  • Abelardo ha creato un post,

    Magnifying attached pictures

    Hi there, I have sight issues and I wonder if there is a way to magnify attached pictures (one-click or shotcurt way) or open a new tab with the magnified image when I click on it with a shotcurt (...

  • Abelardo ha creato un post,

    Show number of line inside code

    Hi there,When we write code (C, C++, or any language), the number of lines isn't being showed; I would like to see them. Why? Most of times, we discuss about the code and we need the number of line...