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  • Light ha commentato,

    Damn, you guys are still going at this feature! It's been two years already. Someday they'll have to acknowledge it. Someday...

  • Light ha commentato,

    In my honest opinion, I think Discord is more than just for gaming only and I think my title is pretty clear on what point I was trying to get across. 'Read/Seen messages' is pretty self-explanator...

  • Light ha commentato,

    Yeah, that also works. It can also be toggled to who sees it, like for everyone or for friends only.

  • Light ha creato un post,

    Read/Seen Messages

       I really think Discord should have a 'seen/read message' feature, mainly for DMs. I can never tell if someone has read my message or not. It'd be really useful to know if someone's ignoring me. ...