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  • Show boost level icon in tooltip

    A new update was recently released that shows a badge for verified and partnered servers on the tooltip when you hover over them. For servers that are not verified/partnered, it would be cool to ha...

  • Easy Global Mute/Deafen

    Sometimes I join a voice channel and realize that my mic is on when I would like it to be off by default. It would be nice to have an easy accessible (maybe down by user settings) button that allow...

  • Indicator of which server in a folder is unread

    It would be nice to have a small indicator inside a server folder (when collapsed) of which server(s) is/are unread. This would be useful in a case where you have one server in a folder that is unr...

  • Easily break up server folders

    It would be useful to be able to easily break apart a server folder - possibly a "Dissolve" option. It would save time from having to move every server out of a folder individually if you're trying...

  • Show new mobile icon when someone is idle or dnd

    The new mobile icon only shows when you are online. It would be nice to also be able to see this icon when a user's status is idle or on do not disturb. A lot of users spend most of their time on d...