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  • Finemoves ha commentato,

    At the moment, the only way I can know if a member is reading threads, is if they literally respond. Clearly this is no indication of how many people are reading the thread. Knowing which members a...

  • Finemoves ha commentato,

    In the same way we'd like to know if people are reading our discord messages, We'd like to know if Discord is reading this thread.... 🤔

  • Finemoves ha creato un post,

    role which restricts members.

    It seems that all roles in discord only add permissions. I'd like to be able to restrict members from rooms by either adding a role called "blind", so that they can't see certain rooms. Alternative...

  • Finemoves ha commentato,

    Yes, it would be very useful. Skype, Facebook & whatsapp have it, and rather than repeating yourself, you can just see if someone has read your message. I conduct a lot of polls in discord with ext...