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  • TySquii ha creato un post,

    Copy and pasting emoji's does not work on PC.

    I often use the PC version of Discord. And for some reason, whenever I try to copy and paste any emoji's or messages with emoji's in them, the emoji's never paste in the message, and this used to w...

  • TySquii ha creato un post,

    Notification AFK Timout Settings, And Notification Volume.

    I was wondering, if you could add a feature, where you could toggle "AFK Timeout" in settings. Because, sometimes, I'm on my computer, and I want to get notifications on my phone still. Especially ...

  • TySquii ha creato un post,

    Discord IOS Spotify status

    I posted this "On my Phone (an iPhone 8 plus) When I listen to music on spotify and open discord, discord doesn't show spotify is open, even though I have the setting for "display as status" on... ...

  • TySquii ha commentato,

    I've been wanting this for a long time. I've submitted a request for it too, but I don't know what ever happened to it. But I know it's still not a feature. But I use an IOS device, and it doesn't ...

  • TySquii ha commentato,

    I know someone on android that this works with, so it would be really cool if this could be for IOS too, because that's what I use, and I'm sure a lot of others would be happy too, if this happened...

  • TySquii ha commentato,

    I was thinking maybe, video could be a separate channel. or make it so you can unlock to view the video, because some of my friends have issues when viewing videos, and it kicks them out sometimes ...