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  • antihero ha commentato,

    Lol it's a funny idea and I love it, but I doubt Discord will do such a thing. It reminds me of the mascots in Club Penguin (if you ever played that game). There were mascots running around the isl...

  • antihero ha commentato,

    Loving the idea. I'm thinking of having the same GUI flexibility as Photoshop gives us. Being able to separate certain elements from others so we can place them wherever we want to would be a great...

  • antihero ha commentato,

    Great idea, considering we can already show Spotify as our status, adding YouTube Music or even Deezer, SoundCloud, iTunes or any other music applications would be totally epic!

  • antihero ha creato un post,

    Slight Improvement to the Game Activity tab

    The Game Activity tab should be slightly reworked. I suggest adding the feature to remove a currently running added game the same way as we can already remove added games by pressing the 'X' button...