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  • Zettabyte ha commentato,

    This needs to happen! Clicking the Twitter links doesn't open the post either in the app or browser. Quite frustratung at times actually. 

  • Zettabyte ha creato un post,

    Custom Satus per Server

    A custom title for specific servers would be quite nice

  • Zettabyte ha creato un post,

    Default Monitor

    So whenever I restart Discord (for whatever reason) it opens up on my main monitor. However, I've got 2 monitors and I would love Discord to be assigned if you like to my secondary monitor so I don...

  • Zettabyte ha creato un post,

    Colors in Channel Categories

    Custom colors in channel categories like: (Color Green) Main Channels           #Some-channel (color Blue)Second Channels            #Some-channel   For me, this will make it easier to find channel...

  • Zettabyte ha creato un post,

    Hide Channel Channels (Desktop)

    Would be nice to be able to huide the channels  (the one on the left side) on desktop verison (Windows) kind of like it is on mobile. Using Discord on my 2nd monitor that is vertical so a little mo...

  • Zettabyte ha commentato,

    This feature is indeed needed. Will be so helpful with custom sounds f.ex when somone is tagging you, or a different sound set for different channels etc. Please consider :)