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  • XXXXDRAGONHUNTER123XXX ha commentato,

    This will most likely not be fixed in the next time, because according to a bug tester on Reddit who was/ is working voluntarily for Discord, they don't have any Linux devs right now: https://www.r...

  • XXXXDRAGONHUNTER123XXX ha commentato,

    For me using the "discord_arch_electron" pkgbuild from the AUR and starting it with this command works: "electron --enable-features=UseOzonePlatform --ozone-platform=wayland /usr/lib/discord/

  • XXXXDRAGONHUNTER123XXX ha commentato,

    The explanation makes sense, but I think you linked the false comment. Hopefully they will do this upgrade at some point.

  • XXXXDRAGONHUNTER123XXX ha commentato,

    I would also like to see some progress here on the Wayland side of Linux. The workaround with the web application still runs the application (Chromium) within XWayland. If you remove the flag "--en...