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  • Advantages of cliet modifications

    There are many client modifications like "Better Discord" that can give users acces to functions that original Discord does not have. Some of this functions are really annoying and imbalance. For e...

  • Пропажа подписки нитро

    Пользуюсь Nitro classic уже год, но недавно по ошибке перешёл на тариф за 10$. Сделал запрос на возврат средств за ОБНОВЛЕННУЮ подписку, но стаф дискорда просто снял мне все подписки включая classi...

  • New badges for developers

    New bot developers can no longer get the trailblazer badge. But it seems to me that developer profiles must necessarily be introduced from the side of other users pofiles, regardless of when they s...