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  • ADawg ha commentato,

    Take a look liberals. All of your comments are downvoted and all of the comments against Discord are upvoted. We are the MAJORITY Trump will win BIG in 2020 Trump Darangement Syndrome will increase...

  • ADawg ha commentato,

    -Marriage is between a man and a woman. -Modern day feminism is a meme. -Forcing your political beliefs on your customers has consequences. -If I am racist, why does my family contain every race in...

  • ADawg ha commentato,

    Don't care, I want to talk about trump in my discord without liberal betas getting upset over it! Or censoring and deleting what we say! We are still looking into new platforms, might just do oldsc...

  • ADawg ha commentato,

    My discord will be deleted as soon as my friends and I find a replacement platformF*!K YOU DISCORDF*!K LIBERAL B**CH-A**-NESSMAGAKAGTRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!