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  • Rene ha commentato,

    @Wren Thank you for your friendly comment. It is always nice to see how heartwarming people from the political left treat their fellow human beings. Your opinion on whether I should be using this p...

  • Rene ha commentato,

    @Juppie789 yeah, that's actually a good idea! And if Discord is clever, they make a business model out of it so that I, as a privileged first world white male can pay a ransom and be free of such d...

  • Rene ha commentato,

    The banner should not have been shown in the first place. Whether the bug was intentional or not is not important to me and many other people. Tech companies need to learn to be careful with their ...

  • Rene ha commentato,

    @SarahGabriella I do not believe that you are authorized to speak on behalf of Discord. You may not need me on this platform, but neither do I need you. But I am a paying customer. Are you? By the ...

  • Rene ha commentato,

    Just to make that clear: my original post is not at all about being pro Trump or having any other political opinion, so don't hijack this thread for your personal struggles. In fact I don't even li...

  • Rene ha commentato,

    @neptune BLM is not just about reducing the number of deaths of black people. It is a hypocritical racist political movement that I do not endorse. Therefore I do not want to pay for it. Simple as ...

  • Rene ha commentato,

    My point is that Discord should be a non-politcal service. I do not care about BLM and therefore I don't want to be bothered with it. Also, as a white person, I feel personally insulted by the impl...

  • Rene ha creato un post,

    BLM Banner

    If you don't remove that insulting BLM banner within 24 hours, me and my colleagues will cancel all our Nitro subscriptions. I do not pay for being forced to look at your political propaganda. The ...