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    Updates to Command Permissions

    We’ve made it simpler to manage permissions for commands in your server. These changes will be enabled for all servers some time in early 2023, but you can try them out early in Server Settings > I...

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    Command Permissions Lockout

    Individual command permissions act as overrides to application-wide permissions, which can result in a user accidentally locking themselves out of a command. Server owners and administrators cannot...

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    Age-Restricted Commands

    WHAT ARE AGE-RESTRICTED COMMANDS? Age-restricted commands are commands from apps that may contain age-restricted content, and may only be used by people 18 or older. To ensure that Discord is safe ...

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    Ephemeral Messages FAQ

    Shh, it's a secret! Ephemeral Messages are a new way for Discord bots to send you a private message without having to send you a DM. You may have received this kind of message before from Clyde, an...