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    Prevent a blockee from seeing your messages

    First of all, this is not about the "# Blocked Messages" message. I wanted to see first-hand what the effect of blocking someone would look like from the blockee's point-of-view. It turns out that ...

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    I asked in a live stream with the devs once and, while they said the logo isn't a controller, they didn't say what else it was meant to represent.My gaming community used to be on IRC and tried out...

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    There are bots that let you make custom commands like that. The first one just off the top of my head is Dyno Bot's "Tags", but I'm sure there are many others.Also consider looking up tutorials on ...

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    Right-click in your chat bar and enable "Spellcheck"

  • DreamPhreak ha commentato,

    Look for a bot to add to your server to remove messages with swearing/spamming.