Idea: A "dashboard" page/feature for discord accounts, separate from servers



  • Keshy

    It sounds like an excellent opportunity to give content creators a place to share all their things without the need to use a third party, and it also adds a lot of practicality when it comes to have contact with your community, offering direct access to your server to be in contact with your followers. I like the idea... Though I would be concerned if it was a unique option for Nitro users. I understand that it would be a titanic job... but it would be very useful for artists.

  • BucketPls

    I was literally JUST about to request this exact feature!

    Of course there might be a lot wrong with it and not everyone would use it, but it would be so useful to me!
    Personally I am not really a big fan of joining every and all communities that have their own server, but the addition of a feed would help greatly still following everyone.
    This could come in useful for games/communities that decided Discord is their only spot for sharing important info/announcements like patchnotes or events, but also just REALLY useful for being able to see when creators go live/post a video/made new art.

    Genuinely felt this way before what happened to Twitter due to the amount of games that only share patchnotes on their servers while I just don't want to join in just for that, but I really hope that Discord will give this a serious thought and chance now that I see the importance that more places have a proper and easy accessible feed system.

    I do want to add that I think something as simple as being able to 'right click > post to feed' on any of your own posts in an 'announcement' channel would do the trick for me personally.
    The more extensive the better (eventually), but at the start it doesn't have to be insanely heavy on the features.

  • Senty

    I absolutely agree- As a hub for official announcements it could thrice very well already with how many big games put official news in here. A quick "share to feed" button for posts sounds amazingly convenient for that, too

    It's always been a little rough feeling like taking on THE COMMITMENT of joining a discord, having it take space off to the left, potentially be messaged by its members, etc.
    It's wonderful for some things you're passionate about, but all the people and games you could follow on the platform proper with more control over your own discoverability sounds really cozy.