Bug reporting feature in App



  • Northernlight7770

    I would have to agree, I recently tried to report a bug when clicking on a tick on amazon fire hd 10 11th gen tablet but got told I was in the wrong place to report the issue and instead of the bot directing me to the correct place my issue was reported as "solved" when it has not been. A place within the discord app where we can actually report bugs without having to come to the help center all the time to try to report issues would be awesome and much more sufficient to discords base IMO. 

  • mattboy9921

    As someone with a weird phone and always using betas for apps, I find myself reporting a lot of bugs. Snapchat is a great example of an easy to use bug reporting system in which I can shake my phone to bring up the menu. It automatically takes a screenshot and gives me the ability to write out the issue and select a relevant category.

    I think it would be a lot easier to do this vs having to fill out a form online, copy pasting info from my phone's Discord app and having a ticket opened up that I then have to run through the "Can you try rebooting, can you try WiFi vs cellular" type things just to report a bug. Especially since Discord Testers shut down.

    I would also say it might encourage more people to report issues as the process is more streamlined.