Ugly (bugged?) cropped image preview on iPad app



  • luke triton 🧸

    second this, its weird and it makes posting images a pain. pls fix this.

  • pepsiplayzz

    Bug support about this:

    haha get it bug support like bug them cuz bug
    haha funny get it pls laugh

  • zoura studios

    I actually had to go to discord’s Twitter to get a response for this, who thought this was a good idea what 😭😭😭 it’s really annoying and honestly feels so yucky. It’s unbearable, I don’t even wanna post pictures anymore

  • Stitch-Mistress

    I haven’t used forums in 2 years and I got on it and did everything just to see if this was a post.

    It’s super ugly and I can’t stand it! Why have they started messing with the images again? I feel like every time discord has a new update that tampers with images it just gets worse.