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  • mazzystarred

    Have a feeling the Discord “surprises” planned out for the birthday month will be primarily appeasing Nitro users since they’ve already tried that with that crappy Webtoon collab.
    Probably more useless distractions from the username change.
    Could be wrong but not ‘surprised’ if I’m not.

  • FloralNote

    Even if you avoid creating the username, eventually Discord won't let you access your own account unless you type in your new username. People were attracted to Discord due to the fact you could have any username you wanted and now that they have an audience, it feels like they're turning themselves into what Musk did to Twitter...
    Also Nitro should be cheaper if this change is truly going through.

  • BlackSapphire

    Allright, I haven't added a comment yet. But to add to the number of posts explaining everything, because all of this bears repeating so that everyone hears about this mess- I am going to take arguments in your blog post, dissect them, and prove how they are either non-issues, why they are contradictory to your 'solution', or completely out-of-touch and insensitive to groups of people.
    I will even directly quote the blog post, and FAQ if necessary, to make sure everything is CRYSTAL CLEAR. Though, these arguments won't necessarily be in the order they are in the blog. Why? Because some of the later 'concerns' and reasons given are actually required to understand why previous points are as terrible as they are.

    Quote 1 (from Blog):
    "More than 40% of you either don’t remember your discriminator or don’t even know what a discriminator is. That’s a big problem when discriminators are required to add a new friend."
    Counter 1:
    You are right, discriminators are required to add a friend. However this statement has several other points that either raise other questions, or are just flat out wrong.
    1) Where did you get this statistic. The link in your posted leads to a reddit of all things, it's not even a poll an official account did itself. Why didn't you gather this data on your own website, or through the app itself, yourself? Heck, through any other, known, Official Channel? Wouldn't those numbers be more accurate and more reliable?
    I certainly don't remember any sort of poll bringing this up, and I even have Nitro.
    2) Just because someone doesn't know what a Discriminator is, specifically, doesn't mean they don't know what they are nor how they work. I didn't know that those numbers were referred to as Discriminators until this entire fiasco. I referred to them as User IDs, because that is what similar numbers are called on other sites I am on. But, they serve the same function- identifying any one particular user from another and allowing you a guaranteed reference as to who you are talking to.
    Furthermore, anyone who has added any friends on Discord knows what these numbers are used for, and that they are needed to add friends. Even if they don't have a name for these numbers, they know they need Name#1235 and not just Name to add their friends.
    3) There is no way that many people are having that hard of a time remembering four digits. People remember entire phone numbers, credit card numbers (including the CVV on the back), their SSNs, Pins, Phone and computer lock combinations, zip codes and addresses, friend codes from other services...the list goes on. And almost ALL of them are longer than a measly four. In the case of credit cards, that is four times as many. 
    This isn't even considering you can easily check your discriminator in the app. Which is a mild inconvenience at absolute worst.

    Question from Your FAQ, and point from your Blog:
    "Q: What if the username I want is taken?
    A: If the username you want is taken, you can add numbers, underscores ( _ ), and periods ( . ) to embellish your username. Remember: no two users can share the same username, so your username is unique to you!"

    "You want to use a common name like “Mike” or “Jane” but there are already 9,999 Mikes or Janes so you’re blocked from that name altogether."

    Questions, Counters, AND Concerns:
    Allright, answer me this- How are any of these embellishments different than the current discriminator system? Please, I'd love to hear your answer. There are usernames that are almost guaranteed to be taken (Characters from Media and Other References, Celebrity Names, Basic Nouns and Adjectives, etc.) and thus these "embellishments" will need to be used.

    These embellishments do not make people happy. They do not see these embellishments as a fun way of "making my username unique~" They see them as an insult and disappointment because the name they actually wanted was taken. They DON'T want to use them, they want the name they tried first, and I do not understand what is so hard about that concept. If they wanted the name with embellishments, they would've tried that version first.

    This is a fact that can be seen clearly and actively tracked in the internet's history through much older websites such as Deviantart, Gaia Online, Neopets, and many, MANY, MMOs. The last of which was directly called out by YOU in your own blog post!!
    Also trackable by observing these sites and games:
    1) Users who sign up early and get "Rare" or Simple usernames on sites will get harassed for their name.
    2) People will squat on these names, either just for bragging rights, or because it is a consistent name they use across platforms and don't want to be impersonated (definitely coming back to THAT point later).
    3) It opens up a Black Market for claiming these usernames and selling them or Holding Them Ransom if it is a remotely famous individual. I can personally reference Neopets since it happened both with Usernames and with the Pet Names themselves. Furcadia is another such example, where Usernames/Characternames were sometimes directly auctioned off in the game. Not even Black-Market style.

    How is changing it so that nearly TEN THOUSAND people can use the name 'Mike' or 'Jane' to that only 1, singular, person can use 'Mike' or 'Jane' a positive change? This means that there are NINE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED AND NINETY EIGHT people who will be disappointed they couldn't choose this name.
    That means there will be untold numbers of people FURIOUS that you are taking their names from them.

    Quotes from the Blog
    "Across Discord, almost half of all friend requests fail to connect the user with the person they wanted to match with, mostly because users enter an incorrect or invalid username due to a combination of missing discriminator and incorrect casing."

    "You meet someone IRL that you want to talk to on Discord, and they say “I’m Phibi Eight Nine Three Six!” You go home and add “phibi#8936” only to find out you added the wrong “Phibi” because your new friend’s username is actually “PhIBI#8936”."

    This isn't "Easier"
    We can all agree that typos happen no matter what? Right? Okay, so...
    are you are seriously trying to convince us that it will be LESS likely that we will typo a name such as xx.fibee_iz_4_fr0g.xx or this_is_my_user.name234545 as opposed to Phibi#8936? Because that's just fundamentally false. Inherently, purely, because those usernames are longer, that percent goes UP. Not down, even though they are "more unique" than the usernames with discriminators.

    You are also seriously trying to convince us that sitting down to explain that "I'm 'Waiting is a waste O time!' with underscores inbetween waiting, is, a, and waste. But there's periods inbetween waste, of, and time. Waiting is also spelled like w8ing, 'is' is spelled i-z, and the a is a 4, OH! The 'O' is a zero, and time is spelled with a Y." (If you managed to follow that, it results in w8ing_iz_4_waste_0_tyme as the username) is more simple than clarifying "My username is Phibi Eight Nine Three Six, with a capital P, both Is, and B."

    This isn't counting that most people usually copy and paste usernames when they share them online. Sticking with the IRL example though, we can easily assume that if both users have a Discord Account, that they will likely have the app on their phones. Which then means that they can just pass their phone to the other person and that person just can type their username in themselves to send the friend request right then and there.

    If you don't directly have the app for one reason or another, you could also note it down on another app to add later or even use good old pen and paper.

    Quotes from FAQ+Blog:
    "A unique alphanumeric username without a discriminator, such as “phibi”. [...] They’ll be limited to lowercase characters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and two special characters (period and underscore). They’ll be much easier to remember, verbalize and share with your friends. You’ll be able to continue to change your username, but not too frequently."

    "Permitted characters for new usernames:
    Latin characters (a-z)

    Numbers (0-9)
    Certain special characters [Underscore ( _ ) , Period ( . )]"

    "Usernames are case insensitive and forced lowercase
    Usernames cannot use any other special characters besides underscore ( _ ) and period ( . )
    Usernames cannot use 2 consecutive period characters ( . )"

    For starters, this is absolutely baffling as it alienates several groups. Those with dyslexia will find reading these new usernames to be extremely difficult. I don't have dyslexic and even I can recognize that f and t are extremely similar looking, especially in sans-serif fonts (which Discord primarily uses). This becomes especially true when you consider a common "embellishment" is to add extra letters. For example: thiscommmonname.

    Secondly, Discord has been praised for the ability to use more characters and letters than the standardized latin alphanumeric. You are instantly alienating those who use Hirigana/Katakana/Kanji, Cyrillic, Mandarin, and Arabic as their first language. From what I've heard, Discord has started to grow quite popular in Japan as of late. So, congrats on instantly alienating an entire section of a growing userbase, I suppose.

    Impersonation Information, Concerns, and Commentary:
    While I do not have a direct quote from you addressing this particular concern (which in and of itself, concerning) It is heavily tied to common "Embellishments", the requirement for everything to be lowercase, and how Impersonation works on other websites.

    While, yes, having only the discriminator different may throw people off- Impersonation is extremely common on other sites, and it all loops back to the usernames being "Unique". Most people do not have simple usernames, they have those previously mentioned "Embellishments" added on because the name they wanted was already taken. There's just too many people to even assume otherwise. Thus, patterns for the use of them have occurred.

    The most common of them include: Adding Xs to the front and back (such as xxnamexx), underscores (user_name), numbers at the end (mighaswellbeadiscriminator2434), and most important to this bullet point- extra letters and alternate spellings.

    All of these patterns are not inherently malicious. But, particularly since there is a forced lowercase to these usernames, it actually makes impersonating someone INCREDIBLY easy. For example, if you try and tell me that you can instantly, at a glance, tell me you can tell the difference between naaaame and naaaaame, or useraccount and useracccount, I will laugh. Other options could include names like llime, liime, linne.
    When you look at alternate spelling, you could have both greyfox and grayfox, or colouredpencil and coloredpencil. The two sound the same if you've only heard the username IRL, as you constantly reference in your blog, there would be no way to tell the difference.

    This isn't considering that the 'true' user will most likely have one of these embellishments in the first place.
    nor is this considering that some words have multiple spellings- such as gray and grey, or colour and color.
    Furthermore, there is nothing official to reference to confirm if these accounts are who they say they are. Because these usernames are all 'decided' by the users.

    All of these options are what Impersonators already do on other websites. I have even had a personal experience where someone tried to impersonate a moderator of a group on Deviantart. Hilariously, people noticed very quickly because the main community had moved to a Discord server.

    Continuing to Dissect the Blog Post:
    "A non-unique Display Name that can include just about anything (as long as it adheres to our Community Guidelines), including special characters, spaces, emojis and non-Latin characters. Your new Display Name will be how you primarily appear and will be your most prominent form of identity. Think of this as your main name. You will be able to change your Display Name whenever you want, even minute to minute." 

    How in the world does this overlap with Server Nicknames? How is this any different to how it currently is, where it defaults to showing your name without the discriminator?
    This sounds like a godawful mess when you start overlapping it.

    A Short One:
    "You like to change your username a lot and get rate limited."

    My Bafflement

    The rate you are allowed to change your name is twice every two hours. Who in the world is changing their username THIS frequently. I can only think of two reasons-
    1) The individual is being stalked, and thus trying to change their name as to not be found by said stalker.
    2) The individual is either attempting to scam others, either by pretending to be multiple people, or trying to abandon names in an attempt to stay hidden from moderators.

    Thus, this frequently-changing username argument is not addressing what the actual issue may be. It would be addressing a SYMPTOM. Thus, this issue would only continue. Actually, because they could change their name even more often... That latter reason would only get worse.

    Speaking of Cyber Stalking
    Another subject of concern you have remained suspiciously silent about. Without discriminators there is a single person with any particular username. This means that if an individual wants to find someone, that's all they need to know. This is a piece of information that would be incredibly easy to gather given that people tend to reuse names across platforms, or share their names with friends.

    Now, we know that this malicious purpose was not intended. But, you need to understand that by making it easier for someone to find their friends, you are making them easier for ANYONE to find. Which obviously includes some rather disgusting individuals.

    Morbidly Important Question
    What happens when a user dies (as all of us will eventually) or permanently leaves Discord for some other complication or reason. Will this name be permanently taken? Or are you planning on implementing some sort of system where you will delete inactive accounts and thus open up already taken usernames?

    This is NOT a hypothetical question. This is an issue that is increasingly cropping up on older sites such as Deviantart, Gaia Online, and even other social medias such as Tumblr, Twitter, even the most basic- email itself.
    I will say this, I have never seen a system like that implemented cleanly or smoothly. No one can agree what is a reasonable amount of time, or what 'active' means. Does it just require being signed in? Does it require messages or reactions? Does it require actual posts? 
    The ONLY time I have seen a system have an effective, and in general good, solution was...Your Discriminator System. In fact, it was so good it has inspired other companies and programs to adopt this system instead of the Unique Username system! So why are you abandoning it now?

    One of the earliest perks for Nitro Users was to change their discriminator. So, what in the world are you planning to do to replace this? There will be and already are upset that this is a perk they are losing. They are angry that they are losing something they have paid possibly hundreds of dollars to keep (given a yearly subscription to Nitro is 99.99$ without any sort of taxes).

    People are already quitting Nitro over this. Not just because it was the only reason they had the service but because this decision, this idea, is bad.

    Even if you are putting Nitro users an early start. Even if you are giving Older Users an early start. Ultimately, this comes down to luck and speed. It comes down to if you're lucky to be in a corresponding timezone so you're awake. If you are lucky enough to check your phone or computer in time. If you have a good internet connection, and the servers on your side don't crap out thanks to everyone rushing to get their names. All you are doing is giving Nitro and Older users Loaded Dice to use at the table. 

    This stress and anxiety is made worse by your lack of information, you have not given any sort of actual schedule, dates, or times. So we have no point of reference to stave off the fear that we are having our names stolen from us.

    I am sure there are a million other points I could make, but this post along with the others is long enough.
    So I will just have my final note be:

    You are actively hurting your community. You are causing stress, anxiety, fear. You will cause active damage via people impersonating others, security risks, and active user-targeting all caused by a change that WAS NOT ONLY UNNEEDED, BUT UNWANTED AND NOT ASKED FOR.

  • Sam Austria Maxis

    +1 Please do not make these changes.

  • smaller

    Let's circle back to that announcement post.

    It makes spurious claim after spurious claim about the way people connect with other people on this platform, and I've already castigated it for essentially telling us that Discord thinks none of its users have ever figured out how to copy/paste when adding friends.

    But the line I want to come back to is this one:

    "Across Discord, almost half of all friend requests fail to connect the user with the person they wanted to match with, mostly because users enter an incorrect or invalid username due to a combination of missing discriminator and incorrect casing."

    First, that number may or may not be correct. It's not the salient thing here. What I want to know FIRST is

    1) how exactly did some bumblefart come to the conclusion that the reason that many friend requests don't connect people is because of typos? Did they do a poll? If someone doesn't get their friend request accepted, is there a Discord team following up and giving a survey? That sounds utterly absurd. Thus, this is an explanation that someone pullled out of their colon for the post.

    2) Given that we've established that Discord made up the reason friend requests don't connect people, I'd like to proffer a MUCH MORE PLAUSIBLE SET OF EXPLANATIONS: people don't WANT to accept thousands of friend requests from randos they don't know. People are not required to accept every friend request. People may not want to give someone chat access if they're planning to leave a mutual server. People may prefer their privacy.

    3) And you know what? Let's consider every time someone I know who HAS wanted to friend me or vice versa, aka the *friends and family* Discord likes to speak for lately, if the friend request wasn't accepted, after awhile I reach out to that person the ORIGINAL WAY I INTERACTED WITH THEM AT ALL, whether in a text message! Or in physical meatspace! And say "hey did you get my friend request." And they go "Oh thanks! I'm still figuring out Discord/Oh thanks! I got busy/Oh thanks! I was streaming when your ping came through and thought you were some rando/Oh thanks! I didn't see the notification." And then we just go "Okay cool," and fix it.

    If I'm not accepting friend requests it's because *I don't want to be friends with a zillion people.*

    I'm just still really insulted that Discord thinks we'd believe these weird fabricated scenarios they're creating to justify a change that has 0 positive change for the majority of its users amd will have multiple negative changes for those users that have been thoroughly elaborated on here.

  • nyah


    This is an absolute dog-water idea. Terrible update. You have almost ten THOUSAND people upvoting this post and almost a thousand comments on this thread alone. Look at your twitter mentions. Look at the outroar this update has caused. We don't want a Pomelo system and you WILL lose users and REVENUE to people cancelling their Nitro over this change. Do the right thing and walk this back Discord.

  • nyah

    +1 ALSO guess the people who use alphabets/writing systems other than Latin alphabet just don't deserve to use your platform I guess.

  • M

    This would just about destroy everything.

    The new system would create the same issues we already have with every other platform, PRIVACY, it would allow people to find you more easily when there are absolutely some that you don't want to be anywhere near.

    What makes discord unique is that at your page, you feel at home, every server is an individual place and domain with no absolute connection with one another unless agreed upon, Every DM is a neighbor you decided to have.

    This new system would destroy that safe haven everyone feels when they open discord with comparison to other social media platforms and instead, everything becomes connected and exposed. This would also destroy the diversity discord already has instead of adding more to it.

    It would destroy what discord has become and always has been as a whole, it would change forever, some people love discord for the simple fact that it's not the same as other platforms, it is different, it is quiet, and more often than not, less chaotic compared to other social media platforms.

    People point out all these issues, but the biggest one is the amount of change and destruction to discord itself this would cause.

    This fact needs to be understood for it will never be the same as it once was after this update.

  • smaller

    Discord shines, excuse me, SHONE, as a robust private messaging space where everyone could be comfortable and happy. If users want something more like Facebook or Twitter or Reddit, they - *gasp* - just use Facebook or Twitter or Reddit, big public platforms that predated Discord.

    Nobody is moving to Discord to be a social media platform clone. Gamers came here first because it was a cozy private system that we perceived as better than Facebook/Teamspeak/Skype. Gamers grew this platform to the point where word of mouth spread that this was worthwhile. Remember: Discord started small, and we grew it, and platforms like Skype and Teamspeak withered because we left for the next good thing.

    Discord now appears to have gotten too big for its breeches. Discord's leadership may think the platform is big enough to alienate us with this and survive: let them think that. They'll wither too, and we'll grow the next platform instead.

  • W.O.L.F

    Yes, it will be problematic for me and for a lot of my Discord bots, if i can't keep my discriminator, i will have a lot of problems, i use my Discord account to provide support for almost non updatable 30 soft, and i still receive a lot of requests about that, so, no more support, and i will have A LOT of work to do to adapt a lot of Discord bot, and i don't have time to update my bots, i don't think i will still use Discord to provide support if they remove the discriminator system . The discriminator system is original and better .

    Please, don't change this, listen to the users ...

  • kiraanimcgrath386

    Discord already has issues with hacking and scamming, this change is going to make things far worse.

  • dogsong

    in light of how absolutely atrocious discord's PR has really become, and how little they apparently care about their userbase's wishes and fears, i've started using and supporting revolt. it's far from complete, but it's going in a much better direction than discord.

    discord, please listen to us. make whatever improvements you want to improve the user system (eg making them case insensitive, adding display names, restricting unicode trash in usernames but allowing it in display names, etc) but please recognize that discrims are an extremely important component which solve a lot of social problems very cleverly. removing them will only make things worse for good people.

    i won't change my mind if discord won't.

  • NotYurPardner

    Well, howdy there y'all, 'nother great day ain't it?

    Now, I reckon this here forum is about as primitive as a one-legged cat tryin' to bury a turd on a frozen pond. Y'all hear me? I mean, c'mon now, what kind of hokey pokey place is this? I bet my sweet tea that even old Granny Clampett could set up a better forum than this!

    And don't even get me started on Discord. Why, they must be madder than a wet hen not to be listenin' to us. I mean, it's like talkin' to a fence post with them. It's downright ridiculous, I tell ya! They oughta be ashamed of themselves for ignorin' us like a bunch of stray dogs on a hot day.

    But hey, don't y'all worry none. We'll keep on talkin' until they hear us loud and clear. We'll ruffle their feathers and give 'em a piece of our minds. And if they still don't listen, well, we'll just have to shake it off and find ourselves a better platform. Ain't no use cryin' over spilt milk, right?

    So y'all grab yourself a glass of sweet tea, sit back, and let's keep on jawin' about how silly this here forum is and how Discord needs to get their act together. We'll have ourselves a hootin' and hollerin' good time, I reckon!

  • Nyro


    I think it's typical that as a platform grows they eventually will go in a direction that does not favour the userbase's interest anymore, and is only in the interest of the company's wallet (which seems ironic in this case as it's made people unsubscribe from Nitro). Discord is clearly reaching that point where I think people are starting to consider alternatives and I will not be surprised, that if this gets pushed through, within the next couple years people start switching platforms (probably to Guilded or Revolt). About time though, not to mention most alternatives allow you to do stuff that you can only do on Discord if you give them money (global emotes, profile banners, etc). I've personally grown to dislike Discord in recent years, with all their aggressive advertising and pointless updates (seriously what is the point of super reactions lol) but everyone uses it and there needs to be something like this to finally urge people to consider switching.

    My guess is that this was done to appease large corporations that want to use Discord as another social media platform.

  • smaller

    I'm sitting here picturing a bunch of Pepsi execs thinking that they're gonna run a Discord server for Pepsi, lmao, how awful. Sure hope they're giving Discord enough money to make it worth it!

    Maybe it's ironically for the best that Discord isn't even looking at this post, lol - otherwise this forum would be like the reddit where mods are suppressing posts about it.

    At least here the leadership doesn't care enough to quash the rabble, and we can talk about where we're gonna go next.

  • Ephenia








  • willgander

    An absolutely, positively, baffling decision. I have basically grown to know Discord as the app that uses discriminators, and I just assume every other app who does got the idea from Discord.

    It's a great idea. Any username you want, and all you got to do is to remember 4 numbers! 4 numbers that you don't really need to remember. Any situation in which you are sharing your Discord username, you will have your PC or phone within arms reach. (Plus it's only 4 numbers, people can remember that)

    You base this change on unfounded and stupid reasons and EVERYONE has seen through them. There is no practical reason for this change?

    So, why do it? Money? Did some investor look at Twitter handles and say "Can Discord do that?" and waved a fat stack of cash in your face and you said "YES!"?

    I hope whatever money was worth it, I already cancelled my Nitro and I'm researching other alternatives to talk to my friends. I'll even resort to Steam DM's if I have to.

  • supercat3point0


  • Megamaw

    Been using Discord for almost a decade, now. It sounds like in their 'market research', where they cite most users don't know what a discriminator is. . . 

    Look, I know what it is. I didn't know that's what it was called. Frankly, it would be a misleading question.

    I've grown pretty attached to my discriminator in the last 8 years, and for the last two years, I've been pretty comfortable paying for a year of Nitro to support the service I use on a day to day basis.

    Gonna be honest, if they don't dial this back, I'm cancelling. I know I've got another four months of benefits I'm losing by cancelling. Don't care. This is a dealbreaker and a security risk.

  • Wisewolf

    Longtime user since 2017 and been on Nitro for the last two years. I am done with Nitro until this username thing is rolled back. Will be looking to Revolt or Matrix to replace Discord in the coming months. Discord has forgotten why it became popular in the first place. As posted above, there are no positive reasons for this change. Listen to the community and make the right decision.

  • DeathPacito6

    Would just like to say that this change is complete garbage. 
    "Oh hey guys. Since there is only allowed to be 9999 users with the same name, we have decided that to let everyone have the name they want we are going to only allow 1 user per name. No more short usernames. You must put some random crap in your username to account for this change."
    "Oh? The community doesn't like it? Are they shareholders? Do they have a stake in this company? I didnt think so. Lets ignore them then. After all, us discord staff get first picks, username sniping isnt our problem."

    I had to make a Zendesk account for this (I love third party services instead of auth by discord on the discord website!)

  • Prettydays

    For me it's simple, if I wanted to use Twitter I'd go use Twitter. If I wanted to use instagram I'd go use instagram. But I don't want to use them. I want to use discord. So why turn discord into a Frankenstein mashup of every other social media?

  • Lewistheshrk

    I doubt anyone at discord will ever see this comment but I'm going to state my part.

    If Discord removes the discriminators in place of the proposed username system I will be unsubscribing from Nitro and looking into alternative platforms for my server group.

  • Gurzoon

    Keeping this really simple - this change is regressive, so I’ve cancelled Nitro and am looking for emerging competitors.

  • Emma

    Just saying, y’all; you can always renew your Nitro later, so CANCEL YOURS BEFORE THE UPDATE! You don’t want to wait until the update is rolled out because that loses the point of protest.

  • dogsong

    the rollouts have begun. so, as usual, they have ignored the overwhelmingly negative feedback.

  • RoadTrain

    Ladies and gentlemen... we've lost the battle... and probably the war as well. Pomelo's being rolled out.

  • Ephenia

    Yup, can confirm that 2 Staff members already have it that have been spotted, as well as the new unnecessary badges.

    They literally are ignoring us and don't give a single flying f­uck at all whatsoever.

  • NotYurPardner

    Howdy, y'all! 'Mighty sad day now I reckon.

    Well, bless your hearts, it looks like we done got ourselves into a tussle with them folks over at Discord. Now, I reckon it's a mighty disappointment when a company don't give a lick about its own userbase. But fear not, my dear compadres! We may have lost this round, but the fight ain't over yet, and we ain't gonna let Discord rain on our parade!

    Now, listen up, ya hear? I'm fixin' to put a smile on them sad faces and lift your spirits higher than a rooster on a fencepost at sunrise. We might be in the middle of a hollerin' match with Discord, but let's show 'em we ain't no pushovers with a little Southern charm and a whole lot of humor!

    Picture this: a good ol' southern-style shindig, right here on this here forum. We gather 'round, strummin' our banjos and fiddlin' away, fillin' the air with some toe-tappin' tunes. And between them songs, we share our tales of woe, but we spice 'em up with a pinch of humor that'll have Discord scratchin' their heads in confusion!

    Now, I reckon y'all might be feelin' lower than a snake's belly right about now. But let me tell ya, laughter is like a cool breeze on a hot summer day—it can wash away them blues faster than a hound chases a squirrel up a tree. So, let's yank up them bootstraps, dust ourselves off, and find the funny side of this here situation.

    Now, I ain't no stand-up comedian, but I got a jest for y'all that'll make you grin wider than a possum eatin' a sweet potato. Why did the Discord user cross the road? 'Cause they heard there was a fun-loving community on the other side, and boy, were they right! We might be down, but we sure ain't out, and together we can build a community that'll give Discord a run for its money!

    So, my dear defeated warriors, let's gather 'round this virtual bonfire, swap stories, and share our funny bone-ticklin' moments. Let's remind Discord that we're a force to be reckoned with, as fierce as a Texas tornado and as determined as a stubborn mule.

    Y'all take a deep breath, let out a holler that'll make them Discord folks shake in their boots, and let's keep on fightin' the good fight. We might not have Discord's fancy algorithms or status, but we got heart, spirit, and a whole lot of southern sass!

    Stay strong, keep your heads held high, and let's show Discord that the South don't back down. We're as resilient as a Georgia peach and as lively as a Louisiana crawfish boil!

    Take care now, y'all, and keep on smilin'!

    Yours truly, A Southern Charmer