Remove the AKA feature from profile



  • Codixer

    1. This has been a feature since like 2018, they only now added it to profiles.
    2. More privacy needed? Vote here: 


  • lil' testerguy

    RoadTrain :  um,  you dont understand man.   say example, i have a "main" discord name Mike B,  say i have a server specific nickname "Michael B", then? now with Handles, that will make "3" names on my mini-profile,  AND if "AKA" was there (which it was until today), you're gonna see about 3 to 5 or more, "names" right on my profile and covering up too much room and looks ABSURD.  And this is just when someone onlyy shares that "one" server with me! they'll be seeing like 6 names on my profile with all this new crap Discord is doing!  now imagine if someone shares more than one server with you, they'll see 10 names on your mini-profile.  its stupid B-E-Y-O-N-D stupid.   Yes fine it used to be only in "DMs" if you shared other servers with people you DM with and or+ if you have nicknames on them servers sure fine it will show then, fine thatttt is ok,  but on our mini-profiles is ABSURD !    and in fact,  at the time of me posting this, i have noticed today that i think they seemingly removed the "AKA" now from our profiles.  They must've realized how freakin st*pid it was.  NOW IF ONLY they'll realize in time / quick enough before they implement it fully, now if only they'd realize HOW STUPID "@handles usernames" will be.  is the next subject.   but i wont hold my breath on that.

    i have taken off all or any "nicknames" i used to have, and just made it Michael (whereas i'd have it as "Mike" first-name for my main discord name and, Michael was nickname on some of my servers.  not anymore.  im tired of them doing stupid changes.   
    Another example,  w/ nitro?.. and.. when discord introduced Coloring profiles (way last year, not the newer change the older one from last year),  if we didnt look at our own profiles and notice?.. yep.... they turned them WHITE! (our profiles went all WHITE! unless we changed it or knew about it! ..but no! they didntt say anyyything to any of us about it)!   They took our profile's 'looks & appearances' etc.. into their own hands and made them Default to WHITE!    X(
    ▬► the (VAST) list of Discord's ABSURDENSS goes on & on and i could write book-lengths here OF EXAMPLES of how ridiculous & absurd and DUMB CHANGES they make and HAVE MADE  since ive been on there since early 2017. (but, most of them "stupid changes" have been in more-recent years, namely 2018 or 19, onward).   what a stinking world.    you people that run all these BigTech tech companies are ridiculous and have no clue about anything.  ..and→ you have way too many "GenZ young kiddos working for you, that ruin things.  The worst "tech" generation EVER is genZ, but.. you tech-ignorants at "BigTech" (companies) think they're the best.  No. they are not.   granted..they might be the 1st Generation to 'totally' grow up with the internet (meaning From Birth onward), but they are the worst at tech.  And..  most of them only been on the internet 5 or 6 years,. You think some KID at 22 years old.. that took a pfft "computer-science" class or course.. at college.. and or knows a little bit of coding... you think they're the best fit to have working for you? WRONG!!!! 
    ....and... Millennials (that are on the older spectrum of millennials) is ok!,  but!!~!.... even farther back  Generation-X is the best at tech,  we have been on computers and electronics and tech since the mid-80s! and ever since!  but  no!!  you people at "Big tech" think the worst generation (at tech) is the best! you people these days in the BigTech are a laughing stock!!!!!!!!!!!!   you should be ashamed.    eediots yous all are. 

    And you're ruing the web,  stupid "Material" design ..sites,  *that're made to mimic "material or texture" is CRAP and slow and loads slow and looks like crap and the list goes on.  And+ with all the flat, bland, bleh colors, or "Pastel" colors.   like Easter.   looks like crap everywhere you go.   Smh!  X(
     And, you're ruining Search engines.  The SAME 10 links are on every single page,  just re--arranged.  And, image searches? you get about 2 pages worth (aka less than 60 images results, then it "ends")  i could LIST A MILLION MORE EXAMPLES! you people are ruining the internet!  Smh at all yous!  X(   nimrods!  X(

  • RoadTrain

    The AKA only shows your nicknames in other servers where both you and the other person are in. So removing this would do nothing. If you'd want privacy, there should be an option that hides your mutual servers. At this point it'd be pretty hard to track if you and the other person share a server, but not impossible. Personally I can see the benefit in this, but can also see why it might not be added (especially with Discord trying to make it easier to find people cough cough removing discriminators is dumb cough cough)