Petition for name format name#1234 to be unchanged!



  • Falcolmreynolds

    God, I wish Discord listened to us. All we can do now is unsub from Nitro and leave the platform. They're already rolling the username updates out.

    Keep complaining, of course. Go upvote the main post here (can't comment anymore, the post has hit the maximum number of comments) and... tweet at them? Submit at support ticket? Anything we can do, really...

  • ifood

    I know the new thing about changing your name on your profile wasn't a great idea, I know you're upset about it but if you don't want to make your new username don't! because other people liked the new style of easy to find a friend

  • Rioter Neeko

    So, let me get this right, if you tried to register as Mike you could not register because there were already 9999 Mike accounts, and the solution to this is instead of giving us the error "9999 Mike already exists", choose a new name is to get the new error "1 Mike already exists"? how does that make any sense, not only that you can't choose the same name anyway, but now you won't be able to choose 9998 other names as well since the other 9998 Mikes have to also pick a new unique name, are they completely retards?

  • ChopBlock223

    The kind of people who think removing user discriminators is a good thing are what's wrong with this world.

  • wolfieolfie

    @Bryce_June “but some people like it!” well a lot of people don’t. Dear god, why are you clinging onto the confirmation on a small spare few of people?
    No crap they like it, it’s the same as most any other website. But that’s the issue. Discriminators were a main part of Discord’s identity, and was BETTER than the standard username system because you didn’t have to stick with a single username forever. What a silly argument.

  • Cassie Green

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