The Username Change Is A Failure on Discord's Part



  • Moriy

    I was Nitro subscriber for years, my renewal would have been around end of May but the Company lost me with their unwillingness to listen or even acknowledge our frustrations. 

    This Username has been my Identity during the pandemic and they're deleting it

  • Chrona

    This change is honestly one of the most frustrating things I've seen co.e from discord.

    I'm not changing my name, and if it isn't avaliable, I'm going to keep adding digits until I get it. And unlike an assigned discriminator, it's probably going to be 6 or 7 digits long, unlike the 4 or 5 if they increased the cap. And yeah, it's going to keep going until someone has john174929437

    They could have leaned into the discriminator, and created friend codes, like nintendo, or even steam does it now! But no, they've leaned towards worst of all worlds

    This solution is only really viable for early users, and becomes exponentially less useable the longer a service exists.

  • KN


    EXACTLY. it's an awful update and i hope they roll it back at some point, but honestly i don't see them doing that any time soon. they really and truly do not care. that's why i'm personally considering canceling my nitro subscription. i probably will. if you or other users in this thread have one, i urge to to also consider it. maybe if we hurt them where they actually care--their wallet--then maybe, just MAYBE, they'll finally listen to us when we say we don't fucking like this update.

  • MissLeaP

    Agreed, they don't remove discriminators. All they're doing is making the discriminators a LOT more random and less streamlined. This is a HUGE step backwards. Welcome back to the dark ages of the internet I guess. Discord must be run by people in their early 20s or something.

  • Falcolmreynolds

    Just FYI - in the public survey that's been put out ( if you haven't taken it yet!!!) 94.8% of polled users DID IN FACT know what a discriminator did prior to the announcement of their removal. Discord lied about their stats.