How much outcry does it take for you to revert the username change? I want an answer.



  • Violet

    I'm curious about this too, to be honest. Why no statement? Why no response, discord?

  • Rouxls (real)

    i'm honestly baffled that they still aren't addressing this, maybe they think this will just blow over once they add it? perhaps they're right, but i'm gonna keep telling everyone i know to never buy nitro again so they get the message that we're serious abt this

  • Architeuthis

    I've heard rumors that a lot of Discord's staff didn't even want this and it's being pushed by a vocal minority. It's fucking ridiculous is what it is- this is clearly going to make the app worse, and the vast majority of people not only don't want this change, but actively hate it. It's shortsighted and stupid.

  • poochyena


    They have given no statement, because no matter what they say, people will be unhappy.

  • Pisscorp Co.

    unfortunatly you can cry all you want your tears arent worth any money :( sorry

  • Falcolmreynolds

    They aren't going to listen, because this is a profit-driven scheme of some type. To net twitter users, maybe. To prepare for the company going publicly traded, maybe. I don't know. But regardless - whatever it is, Discord's future isn't user-friendly. I suggest finding an alternative and starting to mirror your servers/move valuable logs and resources over to a new client.