A Great Suggestion for a Way to Invite Bots



  • donovan_dmc

    There would be a lot of issues with this,

    - some people use bots as their own personal "storage" location (I'm speaking from experience as people have sent a plethora of invites and other garbage in my bots dms)
    - a lot of bots redirect you to a dashboard after inviting, which isn't really possible here

    - That's a clunky system, it would just be easier to add something like an invite button on them, which Discord will also never do

    - Some bots ask for more authorization scopes or permissions, which once again, not really possible here

  • MaliciousJeff

    I've seen a few bots do this, but I don't understand why more bot devs don't do it - when you type the help command it will have the bot invite link in there. This would be a solution to the "when you see a bot in someone's server you'd like to have in your own server" problem, but its obviously up to the bot devs.

  • MichaelKinard1

    I want to encourage that you continue your great work, have a nice day!




    Tell The Bell

  • Elite

    This could just be a feature added to the individual bots themselves, as globally it's not feasible - A bot itself is hosted by someone, so unless it's public it won't even work, unless the developer made it be multi-guild compatible.