DISCORD!! Don't sell to Microsoft!! Read this post!!



  • Joshument

    Nah Microsoft is in talks to buy it for 10 billion they are interested

  • Dukiii

    Go on stocks rather than selling to MS! All I say. I would totally buy ur stocks instead of letting MS destroy an other app! Or go to Sony and let them have discord integrated in their PS system like netflix did and ull scare away MS and maybe still make a good deal out of it :D

  • Jook Nookem

    I mean, Microsoft has killed almost everything it bought besides Minecraft (which let's be honest, is impossible to do). Please, trust us when we say that even if the money is good that they are gonna drive it into the ground like they did with Skype.

  • T.T.W.

    10 billion is nothing

    In memory severs me rite in 2011 they bought skype for like 8 billion+

    I believe Skype is still cross platform, seems like i started with skype in Linux

    in 2005


  • G4b1tz

    Reasons are hilarious lmao

  • JDJG

    I doubt Microsoft would want it lol, but if they do maybe discord would have it's own infrastructure, though more privacy issues may come up.