Discord, please for the love of god don't sell to Microsoft.



  • fifa

    Dont sell!

  • Cupcake (SL)

    If Microsoft buys Discord, I permanently delete my Discord account. Also, I invite everyone to do the same.

    I am more than fed up with Microsoft's anti-competitive practices and aggressive tactics.

  • Raindropz

    If Discord is sold to Microsoft, many people, including me will stop using Discord.. And it's not just for censorship reasons. Discord is a great platform right now and I don't want anything like what happened to Skype happening here.

  • Davidzz

    If discord sells that will straight up kill your platform, look at what happened to mixer


  • StudioLamachotte

    I agree, I too do not want Microsoft to buy Discord, it will ruin our lives with its system. I don't want it to end up like Skype.
    Wanted to keep our Discord as it is with the developers who put their heart into this program so pleasant to use.

    If the developers read this message, know that your communoté is counting on you for the future of Discord, Myself have been a member since 2017 and that I am the founder of a community server, I have the features that you are developing to make life easier.
    Serve the money that Microsoft gives you allows you to finish your life without working but healed to your community which risks this bored of your software develop with heart because Microsoft wants to make its system and will destroy the potencial which had on Discord.

    If you accepted the deal from Microsoft, it's your choice, but please deal with all that first. Discord means a lot to me.

    Thanks again for everything 😊😥