Do NOT SELL to Microsoft, they have already destroyed one and cripple another chat service.



  • Motoöwl (Анна)

    Dear Discord!


    Do NOT deprive us the best service!

    Do NOT KILL the Discord!

    Do not sell us to Microsoft!

    If Microsoft will been bought the Discord, I will delete my discord account and discord app from all my devices.

  • Username5401

    I think Microsoft will just make it to a service of xbox. Discord is not only for gamers, it is also for people to build communities.

  • digimbyte

    I can attest to the history of Microsoft ruining MSN and Skype. used both of them as they declined in health. it became cancer.

  • Cupcake (SL)

    If Microsoft buys Discord, I permanently delete my Discord account. Also, I invite everyone to do the same.

  • coolkid

    if Microsoft buys discord successfully, l will say goodbye to my friends and delete my account

  • roboculture

    Motoöwl, I signed the petition (after checking the link several times, overly cautious) is the source and it seemed legit but I think it's good to know that they are lying to those how signed, saying that the one how shared the link already have donated money to them regardless if its true or not.

    A friend of mine noticed and confirmed it. 
    Also the counter was acting really strange for each update for some reason.
    I Think it's good to know about stuff like that before visiting their website.