Ability to set the ping on replies to off by default



  • Corruleum

    As a person who prefers to only ping when absolutely necessary* (and I doubt I'm the only one), seconded.

    * Absolutely necessary = it's hours later, they're not active in chat, AND I really want them specifically to see my response.

  • Dai

    Yes please! As a mod on several servers I can't/won't really ignore pings and it's incredibly annoying to see that it's just someone replying to something I said. And very often, they are not aware they are doing it either. I love the reply feature but please set the ping to off by default.

  • BBean

    I cannot second/third/fourth this more. People are unaware that they are pinging people who are currently active in chat with them and it is highly frustrating, as very confusing for those of us who have curated our channels/servers etc for notifs from certain places.
    It impacts modding and causes grumbling among members of larger servers. I agree that keeping the reply feature but making it so that people need to turn on pinging if they intend to do it is the way to go!

  • TinkerbellBleu

    Yes, please! I also moderate a server with members in the thousands and this REALLY needs to be off by default.

  • Old Salty Croc

    Or allow me, the humble user, to disable ping on reply from my end, so I NEVER get pinged when some random person replies to a comment I made three days past.

  • Fae Kujo

    Please! This is a nightmare when you have multiple servers you're active in and get pings unnecessarily, especially when trying to work elsewhere and they can't be disabled!

  • quackingnarwhal

    This, please! I don't need to be jarred out of an ongoing conversation for this!

  • R0b0t5Are5uper10r

    This! A lot of people don't realise the reply pings/don't know how to turn it off and end up pinging you with every single thing they say to you...

    Even knowing how, it's awkward to have to turn it off nearly every time I use it.

    It would be much easier if it was off by default with the option to turn the ping on if you really want to ping someone.

  • Liv (Olive)

    Please turn ping off as the default! I like the feature of having the option to ping but not that it's always set to on. I'd prefer to have to make that conscious decision to turn it on versus always remembering to turn it off and accidentally annoy people.

  • Asia

    Also, I wish it would be available to choose who I want to ping with my replies and who not to ping. It would be absolutely amazing.

  • Rf Buecheler

    it has been at least 2 years since the first request for the reply ping to be set to off either by default or through a setting, and Discord seems to be deaf on this subject!
    Is there anybody from discord even following these requests?

  • icy McFreezeFreeze

    A right nuisance when working in different time zones and you get replied to by earnest, but naive new users who just want to get their answer without searching the server first or thinking about who's online.