New Message/Notification Layout is Dumb



  • Big Bird

    Agreed. This made 0 sense.

  • EchoARC9

    Moving messages to the bottom was the only good decision in the great mobile overhaul and it's also the only decision Discord backtracked on. 🤦‍♂️

  • Kaia_Cubbi

    I'm left handed and it's also not helpful for me. I can't reach the button one handed so I have to use both hands. The messages at the bottom was actually the only feature I liked from the initial update.

  • benncathloy25

    The recent update to the message and notification layout has proven to be quite frustrating. The new design seems to lack clarity and efficiency, making it difficult to quickly locate and manage today egg rate important messages. The changes have introduced unnecessary clutter and reduced the overall user experience. What was once a streamlined and intuitive interface now feels cumbersome and less user-friendly. This shift not only hampers productivity but also adds a layer of confusion that detracts from the overall functionality.