• Mr.Midnight

    Yes please

  • Skwaleks
    There should be an high cooldown, so you can't just make every day your bday, but nice idea!
  • Skwaleks
    How to make sure people aren't toxic and changing their bday always? But a nice feature tho!
  • anton.

    Skwaleks, to make sure that a person isn't changing birthday date everyday or something, you could create a notification above the window where you set this date that after making a new profile birthday date the features will appear next year or if you still didn't have your birthday this year they will actually appear in the current year.

  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    I agreed. Also, happy early birthday!
  • Wenis

    Happy birthday!!

    This is actually an amazing idea!! They could also do something similar to Twitter where if someone opens their DMs with you then there is a balloon animation. Also, the whole day there could be a cake icon (coloured to stand out of course) next to your name in every server. However, in order to combat people spam changing their birthdays to get this kind of thing repeatedly they would probably have to set a cooldown with a minimum of like, a month or two or something like that.

  • 👑 Your Papa Brainzzz123 鬱

    Thank you guys for the happy birthday wishes! And I'm really happy people liked my idea!

  • Valcrye
    I agree this is a cool idea, just as long as you can enable it per-server to avoid everyone knowing your birthday for privacy reasons
  • Zacatero
    But when you have a platform like Discord, when people generally do not advertise their real selves... it would mean that a lot of people wouldnt be accurate with their birthdays, in order to get that perk faster or more often.
  • SirHaxe

    @Zacatero let them set it once, and everything more than that needs support permission

  • Jtree

    I really could use a reminder for someone's birthday. I'm quite horrible at remembering them and it would make life much easier.

  • thetechguy
    this is a good idea. like a cake day in reddit.
  • AIex

    Birthday cake emoji next to your name in sidebar, profile, dm's etc. that shows up on your specified birthday which should be set at account creation.

  • Ebony

    Yesss this would be a great feature

  • charitwo
    we don't really need MORE badges
  • Octii

    How do you change your Birthday?

  • Stqlth

    Hey, although discord hasn't added this as a feature, I have a handy 100% free & open source bot that handles birthdays in your discord server! - link - Github - Documentation

  • Terrys_Vids

    So on a different account i accidentally change my birthday and now i cant get in it, i own my own a server and one person is abusing there power and banned me on this account. Is there a way you could change my birthday to its correct time?


  • swavil

    Happy birthday discord ✌🏻